The True Messiah - Mary Miller

The True Messiah - Mary Miller

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From her earliest years, Esther Jacobson was faithfully taught the tenets of the Jewish religion. Along with the rest of her family, she awaited the coming of the true Messiah, who would set up His kingdom on earth. Along with other faithful Jews, the Jacobson family would be part of that glorious kingdom.

Esther knew what she believed, and she had no trace of fear that anything could ever hinder her devotion to all that she loved. The synagogue worship, the worship in her home, the inspiration that came through observing Jewish holidays all reminded her of her high calling and superior standing with God.

Then Esther met Ruth Yoder, a faithful Christian girl who also loved the true God and spoke of the Messiah. But Ruth insisted that the Messiah had already come.

For the first time, doubts crept into Esther's mind. Was it possible that she was mistaken? Was it possible that Jesus -- whom her father called an imposter -- was really that long-awaited Messiah, and that they had missed His coming?

78 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Rod and Staff Publishers

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