Grade: 7
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Shurley English Level 7 Homeschooling Grammar Kit

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This kit contains all the materials needed to teach one child for an entire year. Each lesson in the manual begins with a planning box, which contains lesson objectives. Scripted lessons provide you with the exact words for the Question & Answer Flows, questioning strategies, and the teaching techniques that make this program consistent for all grade levels. The script is especially helpful for parents who are new to homeschooling or are new to Shurley English. Each lesson takes approximately twenty to forty-five minutes to complete. Grammar, language skills, and writing are taught in each chapter. The pages in the student textbook will give your child a visual aid as he or she is learning new skills. Your child can use his or her pages as a reference for information about concepts that have been taught. This will be helpful as your child completes skill tests, application tests, and writing assignments. The introductory CD provides the jingles and the Question & Answer Flows for the Introductory Sentences. It may be used to demonstrate jingles and Question & Answer Flows to children, or it may be used as a resource for the parents. Grade 7.


Shurley English provides your child with two important ingredients for success: a love of the English Language and an ability to use the English Language correctly, with ease and confidence.

Shurley English. . .

Never Teaches Isolated Concepts

A concrete set of questions about each word in a sentence is used to teach your child how all the parts of a sentence fit together. Your child always has a clear picture of how to write complete sentences.

Utilizes All Learning Styles

Your child is constantly exposed to "see it, hear it, say it, do it" activities that meet the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.

Uses Parent-Child Interaction

Shurley English uses repetition, fun, and parent-child interaction to help your child learn difficult English skills. You model each new step in Shurley English for your child. Then, your child actively participates with you as the steps are practiced.

Uses Repetition to Attain Mastery

Shurley English provides enough repetition to master each concept taught. Lessons include daily practice of old skills while new skills are being added.

Provides Tools for Writing Excellence

Your child is taught how to merge a strong skill foundation with the writing process. As a result, you can spend less time going over beginning grammar and editing skills and more time introducing and enhancing advanced grammar and writing skills.

Promotes Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Your child uses grammar and writing skills automatically with dependable results. This leads to higher-level thinking skills because your child is stimulated to learn and use his/her own thought processes to solve difficult language problems.

Leads to Success and Improved Self-Esteem

The most important effect of Shurley English on your child may not be the increased grasp of language and improved grammar and writing skills. Instead, the greatest impact may be your child's heightened self-confidence and self-esteem. Not only does your child gain confidence in English, but he/she carries this improved attitude into other subject areas as well.