Math In Focus Singapore Approach Grade 3 Kit 2nd Semester

Math In Focus Singapore Approach Grade 3 Kit 2nd Semester

Grade: 3
ISBN: 547428804
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Math in Focus 3B Set is designed to be used during the second half of the year. The teacher's guide features objectives, materials needed, and a list of page numbers; teaching instructions are provided in a step-by-step, listed format that's incredibly easy to see and read. Reduced student pages are given with the correct answers overlaid.

The textbook is designed for the 2nd half of third grade, and covers money; metric length & volume; measurement; bar graphs & line plots; fractions; length & weight; time & temperature; shapes; area & perimeter; and more. Real-life problems are included throughout all chapters. Examples are provided alongside helpful representations and explanatory text; fun games, hands-on activities, math journal, "put on your thinking cap", chapter wrap-up, and review/ test exercises are also included.

The consumable student workbook provides practice, assessment, and skill-development exercises. Cheery illustrations and easy-to-understand text give kids a fun atmosphere to work in. Each chapter includes "Put on Your Thinking Cap" problem solving exercises and multi-chapter cumulative reviews.

This Math in Focus 3B kit includes:

  • Math in Focus Teacher's Edition Grade 3 Part B, 413 pages, indexed, spiralbound, soft front-cover, hard back-cover.
  • Math in Focus Student Book Grade 3 Part B, 428 pages, hardcover.
  • Math in Focus Student Workbook, Grade 3 Part B, 264 pages, softcover.
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