Kingdom Focused Finances for the Family - Gary Miller

Author: Gary Miller
ISBN: 1936208083
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A call to Biblical Stewardship in everyday life

Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family is easy to understand and enjoyable to read; it is Kingdom teaching for a Kingdom-focused people. Author Gary Miller disassembles our view of finances and carefully puts it all back together in a way that makes sense. With its common sense approach to personal finances and an emphasis on glorifying God, this book is realistic, humorous, and serious about helping us become stewards instead of owners. Softcover, 240 pages.

An excerpt from Kingdom-Focused Finances:

I began to view the small items in a store in a new way. A bag of potato chips at $1 may not seem too expensive. Surely I can afford a bag of chips! But when I realize buying those chips every day can cost me several hundred dollars a year, a bag of chips begins to look amazingly overpriced. Suddenly some of my habitual purchases became less attractive, and I began to realize the price displayed in the store was not the true cost of the item. I wonder how truth in advertising would affect some businesses today. How well would Starbucks sell their mocha latte if the sign said, Have one each day on the way to work and it will cost you only $1,123 a year?

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