Hidden Rainbow - Christmas Carol Kauffman - Christian Light

Hidden Rainbow - Christmas Carol Kauffman - Christian Light

Ages: Youth & Adult
Author: Christmas Carol Kauffman
MPN: 263580
ISBN: 878139737
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Hidden Rainbow is not an imaginary story, nor one dug out of antiquity. It is a true story about a forbidden New Testament that shattered the calm of a Yugoslavian village. John and Anna Olesh, raised in a solid Catholic community, face severe censure when John leaves his family for a time to make money in America. Even more hardship - and persecution - stands in their way when they befriend an evangelical missionary, accept a New Testament, and come to know God. But through all their trials, they learned that when God moves, nothing can stand in His way.

Through the eyes of John and Anna Olesh the reader is taken into the intimate life of a Yugoslavian village. John is severely censured for seeking economic opportunity in America as he leaves his family behind. Upon his return the family is visited by an evangelical missionary for which they are also censured. Though they are forbidden to communicate with the missionary, they cannot forget his radiant personality and his message.

While John is away from home Anna fearfully accepts a "forbidden" New Testament. The reader shares in the consequences and feels the deep loyalties of tradition hanging in the balance, and shares finally in the doubts and triumphs as John and Anna find the power of God.

For youth and adults seeking peace with God, or those interested in helping others find peace, this book will have special appeal.

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