Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts 6th Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 6
MPN: LAN0600
ISBN: 867170611
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Are you looking for homeschool language arts curriculum that motivates your child as he learns? Do you already have the LIFEPAC teacher's guide? If so, we have the perfect solution - the LIFEPAC Grade 6 Language Arts 10-Unit Set! This comprehensive set of ten easy-to-use worktexts without a teacher's guide provides a full year of language arts lessons! Each of the ten print-based units contains interesting illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions to help encourage your student to complete each of the self-paced lessons. Topics include critical thinking, prefixes and suffixes, creating an outline, parts of speech, punctuation, writing letters, literary forms, parables and proverbs, paragraph structure, and propaganda.