Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts 2nd Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 2
MPN: LAN0200
ISBN: 740319434
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Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of trying to teach language arts to your child? Need a great curriculum to help you with the job, but feel like you don't need the teacher's guide? You've come to the right place! LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set may be exactly what you're looking for! This set contains ten, full-color worktexts created especially for growing readers. Each Bible-based second grade language arts worktext offers a mix of colorful illustrations, easy to follow lessons, and ample opportunity for both oral and written practice of new skills. This unique, integrated language arts course provides instruction in grammar, writing, reading, and spelling! Topics covered include: phrases, sentences, capitals, punctuation, creative writing, contractions, root words, dictionary skills, cursive writing, singular and plural verbs, verb tense, suffixes, ABC order, and a continuation of the study of phonics.