Alpha Omega Lifepac History & Geography 3rd Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 3
MPN: HIS0300
ISBN: 086717031X
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Looking for a way to teach your third grader history and geography using the best-selling LIFEPAC curriculum, but don't want the teacher's guide? No problem! Alpha Omega Publications has the solution—the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! This set of ten colorful worktexts is consumable and age-appropriate for your child. Through out the year your student will visit exciting locations around the US—Maine, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. Each worktext offers step-by-step lessons, fun map activities, and colorful illustrations. The LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set also has child-friendly lessons that include true/false questions, hands-on drawing assignments, and fun puzzles to solve, to name just a few.

This Grade 3 workbook set covers:
  • Fishing In Maine
  • Farming In Kansas
  • Fruit Growing In Washington
  • Forests In Oregon
  • California - The Golden Land
  • Cattle In Texas
  • Coal Mining In Pennsylvania
  • Manufacturing In Michigan
  • Space Travel In Florida
  • Review Of Nine States