Alpha Omega Lifepac Civics & World Geography 9th Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 9
MPN: HIS0900
ISBN: 867170433
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Do you need to simplify your life? What could be simpler than selecting a complete set of history worktexts? So get the LIFEPAC Civics & World Geography 10-Unit Set! History and Geography for Grade 9 curriculum will start your student with an exploration of the 50 states and then take him on a tour of our world geography. He'll learn about our bounderies, time zones, climate, and resources. You'll take your child on a trip through time into the birth of our country and the stories of our founding fathers. Study the ancient civilizations, the medieval world, the renaissance and reformation. Learn from the age of political and economic revolutions and the two world wars. Designed to make the study of history and geography relevant and thought provoking, you and your family will be astonished with the applications for today. These ten print-based worktexts containing one full year of lessons. Each worktext includes step-by-step lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.