Alpha Omega Lifepac Bible 7th Grade Student Workbooks Set

Grade: 7
MPN: BIB0700
ISBN: 1580956211
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Price: $62.95
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Nothing is more important than instilling biblical truths in your child's heart. Ready to teach LIFEPAC Bible to your seventh grader, but don't need a teacher's guide? The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set is a set of ten engaging, easy-to-follow worktexts that will challenge your child and help him develop his understanding of God and the Bible. Self-paced, mastery techniques are combined with colorful illustrations. In addition to text-based instruction, this booklet includes colorful illustrations, thought-provoking comprehension exercises, regular self tests, and a teacher-administered unit test - all designed to encourage mastery of lesson content.

Topics Include:
  • Worship
  • Mankind
  • The attributes of God
  • Fulfilled prophecies of Christ
  • Living the balanced life
  • The psalms
  • The life of Christ.
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