Alpha Omega Lifepac Bible 6th Grade Student Workbooks Set

Grade: 6
MPN: BIB0600
ISBN: 740300040
Retail Price: $50.99
Price: $62.95
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Are you looking for a user-friendly homeschool Bible curriculum? Do you already have the Lifepac teacher's guide? If so, we have the perfect solution-the Lifepac 6th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set! This comprehensive set of ten captivating, fun-to-use worktexts without a teacher's guide offers a complete overview of the Bible and provides a full year's worth of lessons. Each of the ten units includes interesting text, colorful illustrations, and Bible verses from the King James Version.

This 10-workbook set includes:
  • From Creation to Moses
  • From Joshua to Samuel
  • The Kingdom of Israel
  • The Divided Kingdom
  • Captivity and Restoration
  • The Life of Jesus
  • The Followers of Jesus
  • The Apostle Paul
  • Hebrews and General Epistles
  • Revelation and Review
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