A Reason for Handwriting Grade 5  Complete Set

A Reason for Handwriting Grade 5 Complete Set

Grade: 5
ISBN: 936785683
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Price: $34.95
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A Reason for Handwriting provides a fun, meaningful approach to developing effective handwriting skills. Each lesson is built around a Scripture verse chosen not only for proper letter combinations, but also inspirational content. "Border Sheets" included at the back provide a nice way to showcase their newfound writing skills, and serve as a fun coloring opportunity. At the end of each week, children copy their "Verse of the Week" on a border sheet of their choosing, using their creativity to color and decorate their very best handwriting.

This Level E, Grade 5 book features instruction on alignment, slant, size, shape and spacing of cursive words. Practice sheets provide room to copy letters and words from that week's bible verse before writing them on the border sheet. Different combinations of letters are also given with tips on how to connect the cursive letters. Discussion questions are included with questions based upon the verses the students are writing. Scripture verses are taken from The Living Bible. 142 pages, softcover. Grade 5.

This included teacher's guide includes instruction for all A Reason for Handwriting books, from Grades K-6. Within each book, additional lesson information is given for each chapter, including the lesson focus, directions for performing the writing, teaching tips, and extended teaching. Student page numbers are referenced. 252 pages, softcover.

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