A Reason for Handwriting B Manuscript Writing Grade 2 New

A Reason for Handwriting B Manuscript Writing Grade 2 New

Grade: 2
MPN: 10200
ISBN: 093678539X
Price: $15.99
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A Reason For Handwriting Grade 2 Student Workbook

I'm pleased to offer you this outstanding homeschooling curriculum at this fantastic price! This book is brand new. 

A Reason for Handwriting focuses on regular, daily practice—10 to 15 minutes of perfecting practice each day! The format is fun, flexible, and easy-to-use for both teacher and student. Student and teacher materials for kindergarten through sixth grade are each sold by grade level. A Reason for Handwriting offers student desk cards, alphabet wall sheets, letter formation charts, vocabulary lists, daily lesson plans, and much more. Detailed Teacher Guidebooks provide a wealth of enrichment ideas, and help meet both remedial and advanced student needs. "Scripture Border Sheets" encourage children to use their very best handwriting! At the end of each week, children copy their "Verse of the Week" on a sheet chosen from the back of their workbooks, then use their creative talents to color and decorate it. This second grade student book focuses on Scripture verses from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Manuscript.

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