SOS Switched On Schoolhouse Minnesota State History

Grade: 7-12
ISBN: 9780740323508
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Is state history a course requirement mandated by your state's homeschooling laws? Are you looking for an enriching history course to add to your child's studies? With Switched-On Schoolhouse Minnesota State History for grades 7-12, we have the answer! This fun supplemental course from Alpha Omega Publications fulfills law requirements and gives your child a solid understanding of your state's history. SOS State History covers state government and leaders, historical events, growth and population, natural resources, economics and business, tourism, cultural distinctions, and its Christian heritage and influence. Students will reinforce research skills as they prepare essays, employ math skills, enhance their writing, and learn about business.

New for Switched-On Schoolhouse 2012:

  • Customizable transcript
  • Past-due report
  • Free-form, text-based parent journal
  • Improved print flexibility
  • F3 Student Search function
  • Parent Toolbox with Reading and Activity Logs
  • Bible Lookup
  • Attendance tracker for multiple students
  • New themes, avatars, audio feedback, graphic theme selector, enhanced custom assignment editor, user interface, and additional upgrades!