Lifepac Math Complete Grade 7 Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry I Set

Grade: 7
ISBN: 9780867170863
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LIFEPAC Math Complete Grade 7 Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry Set

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LIFEPAC 7th Grade Math provides an exciting, fun-filled study on geometry. Students can work independently because lessons explain challenging concepts one at a time. Worktexts discuss: Geometry, Rational Numbers, Sets and Numbers, Formulas and Ratios, and Mathematics in Sports.

Additional topics covered are data, stats, graphs, and a review of whole numbers, multiplication, and division. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions is included in an easy-to-follow, comprehensive format. This LIFEPAC 7th Grade Math Boxed Set contains all 10 student worktexts, plus a comprehensive Teacher's Guide.
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