Into Their Hands At Any Cost - Harvey Yoder

Into Their Hands At Any Cost - Harvey Yoder

Author: Harvey Yoder
ISBN: 1936208008
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Into Their Hands tells the stories of Bible smugglers and their ingenious ways to transport Bibles into Romania and the former Soviet Union. The book traces the eastward journey of Bibles until they are delivered into the hands of eager Christians, anxious to claim God's Word. 194 pages.

From chapter 1

...There was the camping stove, streaked with smoke. The cooking utensils, the coffee pot, and the box with their food were all inspected. Then the official went to the side door.

One part of Irene did not want to watch, yet she could not keep her eyes away as the officer reached for the boxes under the mattress. Oh, no, was that a box of Bibles? Would they be turned back? Would the officer get angry at them for trying to take Bibles into Romania? Could he read Russian and know they were destined for the Soviet Union? Like startled sparrows, Irene's thoughts dashed through her mind.

The official tugged the top of the box open, revealing nothing but clothes inside! Irene almost gasped. She was certain they had put Bibles into that box. What was happening?

The officer skipped the next box and reached for the third in line. By this time her head was spinning. If the first was clothes, and she had thought that one had Bibles, then what was in this one? It would have to have Bibles, right?...

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