AVKO Sequential Spelling Level 1 DVD

AVKO Sequential Spelling Level 1 DVD

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Included in this set is: Volume 1 DVD set.

The DVD version of Sequential Spelling is manufactured and was developed by a homeschooling brother-sister duo: LeeAnn Earl and Joe Hipps of Instructional Media Innovations (IMI).

This automated version of DVD is comparable to the book version, with some notable differences. Though the program can be used as-is, it is recommended that the DVD be used with the teacher's book of Sequential Spelling and the Student Response Book for Sequential Spelling.


  • The students can learn spelling on their own, with minimal assistance from the teacher, while still getting the benefits of AVKO's multi-sensory system. 
  • Each word presented in the series is pronounced, used in a contextual sentence, and then pronounced again.  You won't have to think of our own sentences anymore or look them up in AVKO's Word Families in Sentence Context.
  • Being on a video DVD, you have the flexibility of using either a television or a computer.  There is no need for a computer or internet access to use the program. 
  • Young children can use the program (as long as they can pause and re-start the DVD player).  A reading or spelling ability of about 2nd grade is necessary to use Sequential Spelling effectively (a child's ability to use the DVD version of Sequential Spelling is up to the discretion of the instructor).
  • After the student attempts the spelling of each word, the word is displayed on the screen, with the word families, prefixes, suffixes, and consonant blends in contrasting colors for easy processing of the word family's pattern. 
  • Each lesson has a "Check List" that the teacher can use to review the student's work for the day -- even without purchasing a copy of the book.


  • 2-DVD set per volume.
  • DVD may be played with either a computer with a DVD drive or a television with a DVD player. 
  • Cross-referencing to The Patterns of English Spelling not available in the DVD version; please see the book version for page numbers to view the rest of the words in the word families covered or to look up the applicable spelling rules.

This is the only method of teaching spelling that eliminates the Study-for-the-test-and-forget-by- Monday syndrome. Each of the 7 levels has 180 daily tests of 25 words. The AVKO approach uses its daily tests as a learning device and not as a method of evaluation. AVKO adds to this by using immediate student self-correction and careful sequencing of the patterns. Please note that the Levels in Sequential Spelling do not correspond with grade levels. Students should always begin with Sequential Spelling Level

From AVKO Educational Research Foundation,  this is a multi-sensory spelling approach. The letters in AVKO stand for Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Oral. By using the multi-sensory learning methods, dyslexic students can learn to compensate for learning difficulties in spelling

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