Alpha Omega Lifepac Language Arts 7th Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 7
MPN: LAN0700
ISBN: 867170638
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Are you eager to teach your seventh grader with the Lifepac language arts curriculum? Already have the teacher's guide? We have just what you need, the Lifepac 7th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set! This comprehensive set does not include the teacher's guide but contains ten structured, easy-to-follow worktexts that include a complete overview of essential language arts concepts, along with applicable practice problems. Topics include parts of speech, sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, literature, and communication.

The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set has essential, diverse lessons that include thought-provoking study questions and exercises. Plus, each small, progressive worktext will motivate your child to complete confidence-building lessons with its ultra-slim size! And your child will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when he completes each worktext in three to four weeks. Each LIFEPAC worktext includes concept reviews, self tests, plus one removable, teacher-administered unit test–all designed to reinforce and solidify comprehension.