Alpha Omega Lifepac English III 11th Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 11
MPN: LAN1100
ISBN: 1580957072
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In Lifepac Language Arts Grade 11 students will build a solid foundation in communication skills - the key to success and lifelong learning in any subject. This full-year set of ten worktexts covers all the topics expected in a high school language arts course with engaging lessons that include standard and nonstandard English uses, lexicography, professional writing, textbook analyzing, Greek and Latin roots, diacritical markings, poetry, nonfiction, American drama and novels, research writing, and more! All lessons are student directed, flexible, and self-paced, allowing your child to linger in a favorite area or speed through sections he is able to grasp quickly.

This Grade 11 Language Arts Workbook Set explores:
  • English uses and varieties
  • Effective sentences
  • Sentence workshop
  • Why study reading
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction
  • American drama
  • American novel
  • Composition