Alpha Omega Lifepac English II 10th Grade Workbooks Set

Grade: 10
MPN: LAN1000
ISBN: 867170697
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This comprehensive set includes ten colorful, easy-to-follow worktexts that give a comprehensive overview of essential language arts concepts. Each LIFEPAC worktext offers fun, helpful examples and easy-to-understand explanations to build your student's language skills! Language topics include the history of the English language, writing and sentence composition, speech, poetry, short stories, novels, drama, and much more. The LIFEPAC English II 10-Unit Set has interesting lessons that include a wide variety of exercises, including questions and activities. Plus, each consumable worktext has an ultra-slim size, unlike traditional textbooks, making them easy to complete in three to four weeks. Here's the best part. Each LIFEPAC worktext includes concept reviews, self tests, plus one removable teacher-administered unit test, all designed to build comprehension and confidence.